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Home gardening has taken on a new meaning thanks to the aquaponics process. This particular type of gardening does not use soil, but instead provides aquaponics fish nutrients directly to the roots of the plants. For most plants that grow well in the area in which you live and can stand getting their roots wet, aquaponics is the answer.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics uses fish nutrients in the water supply to run across the roots of plants, providing them with what they need for growth. In fact, this particular type of gardening can grow plants faster than standard soil and under the right environmental conditions can grow year round as well.

Well over 300 varieties of plants have been successfully grown using fish nutrients. About the only type of plants that are not suited are root vegetables, but virtually all other types made for aquaponics gardening. Many varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables grow abundantly in an aquaponics garden.

The Advantages of Aquaponics

There are many advantages to using the aquaponics method for your home garden. This is especially true for those with little outside space for traditional gardens.

Speed: Thanks to the aquaponics fish nutrients used in the water system, plants in an aquaponics garden can grow up to four times faster. This means that your plants will mature and ripen quickly as long as needs of the plants are met.

Space: While you can certainly use aquaponics outdoors, it is quite common to have aquaponics gardens inside the home or similar enclosure. Because many of the plants that do well with aquaponics fish nutrients take up little space and do not need much in the way of light, you can literally stack your aquaponics garden in the corner of a room if you wish.

Variety: You can grow a wide variety of plants in an aquaponics garden, from flowers to fruits and vegetables. Salad variety plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, celery and the like grow quite well in this environment.

Convenience: Because there is no soil involved and if you grow your plants in an environment that can be controlled, you can enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and other types of plants at your convenience. The aquaponics fish nutrients work exceedingly well with many different varieties of plants so you can choose not only what, but when you want to grow them.

If aquaponics does have a downside, it is that you must monitor the nutrient flow and pH balance of the water supply more than you would with soil. This is because soil is a natural filter that helps balance out these particular issues with plants. However, such maintenance with aquaponics takes only a few minutes a day and becomes second nature quickly.

Using aquaponics fish nutrients, a running supply of water and a controlled environment you can grow the types of plants that you want anytime of the year. Aquaponics is the simple, straightforward gardening technique perfect for the gardener in all of us.